Group Wrangler

Groups are a fundamental concept in any large organization or social circle. Managing groups is a complex challenge. There is a need for a a single tool that can:

• Manage members – Add and track members
• Define groups manually and automatically – Use custom attributes to determine membership
• Analyze members and groups – View graphical and analytical breakdowns
• Facilitate group communication – Support for blogs, forums, and email

Group Wrangler is a web-based application that supports an intuitive experience for creating and managing groups in a social community. It is a free and open-source system that uses a variety of modern web technologies. Group Wrangler is designed for usability; it is simple and easy to learn. The system allows future developers to easily modify and adapt existing functionality to meet any organization’s needs. The screenshots below highlight some of the important features of Group Wrangler.

User Profile
• Post to user’s blog

• Display basic user information

• Manage user’s groups

• Create and update user attributes

• Manage user’s privacy settings

• Create notes for administrator use

Group Profile
• Post to group announcements

• Display basic group information

• Manage group’s members

• Define group rules for automated grouping

• Manage group privacy settings

• View forum for each group

Analytics Tool
• Filter groups and users for analytics

• Use existing group rules for filtering

• Display multiple chart types

• Save analytics

• Create link to analytics for sharing

• Assist in group creation

More Information about the design and architecture of Group Wrangler
• Documentation: View Group Wrangler Document